mpletely attracted by the faintly revealed details.

In history books, or Sally’s dictation.
These are only general descriptions, but the interpretation of the musical in front of them can reveal the details.
For example, in the naval battle, Tebat appeared as the “deputy” of the Earl of Winston.
According to the interpretation of the script, Tebart at the time should be Samuel Winston’s most trusted deputy, and there is no doubt about his loyalty to the earl.
With every charge, Tebat followed closely by the earl’s side.
Even, not only that.
At this moment, the plot that is on the stage: Earl Winston personally led his subordinates to launch a ship war against the navy leader’s warship. After the two warships were linked together, he personally rushed up again, after killing the opposing leader. , Was accidentally injured by a “wizard” on board the ship with poison.
The real history, I am afraid it is not the so-called poison.
It’s a curse!
Or, other vicious means.
At the moment of Earl’s life and death, it was Tebat’s deputy who stood up and sucked out the drug, for which he almost gave his life.
The real history may also be Tebat’s shot, but it is definitely not the so-called “drug”, it should be another way, but it should be true to save Samuel Winston with his own life.
Through these details, it is not difficult to see.
Even through the fog of history, one can see the loyalty of Tebart’s deputy to Earl Winston.
There is even a faint feeling that is beyond the scope of loyalty.
“More information is needed!”
Tang Qi said silently, looking at the actors who were on the curtain call.
This seems to be the last one tonight, and the audience starts to disperse.
Sally did not get up, but after Tang Qi nodded, she took out the comic book “Legend of the Immortal” from her arms and said straightly: “Unblock!”
As her voice fell, there seemed to be something strange in the comic book in her hand. Variety.
An invisible fluctuation began to flow out.
The Mark of the Witch began to w