extremely high intelligence, beautiful appearance, and powerful magic talent. In the Age of Obscurity, the Dark Age, the fairy of different races are some powerful people raising pets. The first choice.

In the vigorous “Catch Fairy Movement”, the major ethnic groups were tragically extinct.
The captured fairies have almost no surrender. Their extremely high magic talent also means that their magic resistance is extremely terrible. The ordinary “hypnotic magic” or phantom witchcraft is useless for them.
Eventually, they became extinct in large numbers.
Those transcendents who are keen on this, have to stop.
Fairies are never slaves!
This view is recognized by the mysterious side.
The old Coleson, Raphael, and the young erudite Jennifer obviously all knew this.
And Jason, because of the blood of the Tiros monster, he would hardly embarrass any kind of supernatural creatures of order and kind alignment, let alone the creatures that no one loves like fairies.
“Recall that the information that the Mysterious Valley Bazaar sold to me is really a bit of a pit.”
“Fortunately, I chose the Night Beast. If I chose this little fairy’s mother, the ending will be terrible.”
“Well, choose Centaur. The girls are even worse. They all live in groups. If you can successfully capture one, you can indeed get a loyal centaur after taming, but the prerequisite is not to be shot into a hornet’s nest.” The
thought flickered a few times and Tang Qi looked at him. Falling on his side again.
There, a cloud of shadows was about to move.
Obviously, the night beast wanted to join in.
Tang Qi showed a look of helplessness, and a thought passed, asking who it was going to help.
Normally it should be gluttony, after all, the two guys have a good relationship.
But it’s different if the target is a fairy. Even in the world of extraordinary creatures, their affinity is at the champion level.
Ye Beast’s answer made Tang Qi’s expression stagnant.
“What help who? I want one dozen two!”
A voice full of tsundere, re