disaster of the doomsday stopped and disappeared, the heroes all had horrible sequelae.

They all lost themselves and began to try to capture this City of Hope.
The last hope of the city is not the soldiers with guns. They have already verified that no matter what kind of weapon, it has no effect on these “lost heroes.”
Still guarding the city are old trees that grow wantonly, with many vines, and even expressions, wisdom, and ability to speak.
It only takes one seed to fall, and the old tree that is enough to protect a large area will automatically grow into it.
It was these ancient trees that almost enveloped the city and temporarily resisted the crazy offensive.
But everyone can hear that the old tree is being eaten away.
One tree after another, they are dying of vitality, breaking and falling down.
They looked at a group of ragged children, each holding a small cloth bag in his hand. There were a lot of seeds in it, but now it seems that they have all been planted.
The children looked for help at another child who gave them “seeds”, to be exact, ten identical girls.
She was carrying a huge package with a look of helplessness.
Hannah took the group of children, got together, and prayed to Tang Qi in a more illogical, innocent and immature voice.
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Chapter 148 The
Return of the Heroic Soul and Inheritance The dream wizards don’t know Tang Qi’s “honorable name”, and children like Hanna will naturally not know it.
When ten Hannah and a group of foreign children were praying together in a distant time and space, what Tang Qi in the library could hear was the reverberating “Master Principal, please help” and “Lovely” Hannah needs help.”
But Hannah, they are indeed very cute and kind.
Tang Qi received a request for help, and a workbench appeared in front of him.
But this second “creation” ran into trouble, and the accident on that plan