imated to be able to take away Yu Luosheng’s Yasuo.

Yu Luosheng’s eyes are extremely focused, his eyes have been fixed on the hands of the fire man Brand!
The fireman Brand, the hero, will have different gestures when he releases different skills.
When the Q skill fire mark is released, he will show the turtle style qigong moves.
When releasing the W pyrotechnic pillar, he would pat his hand on the ground.
When the E skill is released and burned, his hands will open.
When the R big move is released, Huo Nan will have a jump action.
Yu Luosheng must see exactly what skill Huo Nan is releasing. If it is the Q flame mark, then it means that Yu Luosheng will choose to continue. Hit, if it was a pillar of flames, Yu Luosheng would immediately use the E skill to roll back honestly.
Close your hands, gather, and launch it
is tortoise style qigong! !
Yu Luosheng saw Huo Man’s movements clearly in those tenths of a second, so he also made the next judgment at that moment!
Do it, do it, do you know how long I have been holding you back? ?
Yu Luosheng quickly pressed his finger on the E skill.
On the screen, I saw the agile body of Yasuo suddenly passing from in front of Huo Nan to behind Huo Nan like the wind.
And just after Yu Luosheng’s windbreaker swept in front of the fire man, the fire man Brand launched a hemispherical flame, which was exactly the Q skill flame mark!
It is this skill that Yu Luosheng has to avoid. He is the terrible dizziness of Huo Nan. Once he is hit by this dizziness, Yu Luosheng will definitely get Huo Nan’s next skill. If he has all three skills, he will undoubtedly die. !
Fortunately, Yu Luosheng directly avoided with his incomparable operation, and saw the flame mark thrown by Flame Brand hit the air.
Behind the fire man Brand, Yu Luosheng quickly took the sword and gave the fire man Brand a sword!
“Damn flea, rat!!”
Flamebrand was like a giant, the rat under his irritated feet rushed from front to back, so he slapped the ground with anger, and almost relea