lled Apollo’s must-have ridicule before the start of the game in the cradle. It was not that it would affect the mood of the game, but that he was too lazy to listen to his crappy Chinese and watch his flaunting face kind.

In Russia, their Chinese team is determined to win, otherwise how to enter the Olympic finals?
There are a total of 6 places for the Olympic finals, and South Korea and the United States have decided internally. The remaining 4 places are divided among Canada, Russia, China, Britain, France, Taiwan, Japan, Sweden and so on.
Judging by their winning percentage, Canada should be expected to enter the Olympic finals.
China Taiwan lost to South Korea and will not meet the US team. It is estimated that there is hope for entering the Olympic finals.
Although Russia lost to Canada, they won the U.S. team. In order to cultivate a new jungler, the U.S. team gave Russia two wins in vain. This means that if the Chinese national team does not directly defeat Russia, then Russia You can definitely get tickets to the Olympic finals!
South Korea, the United States, Canada, and Russia. If these four places are to be set, China must compete with Britain, France, Taiwan, and Japan for the last two poor places.
Taiwan, the United Kingdom, and France are all competing against Japan. Both games were won. From the perspective of the relationship between victory and defeat, the victory points of the Chinese national team who lost a game to Japan were one point less than these.
Therefore, Japan loses one game, Canada loses one game, and South Korea must lose two games. If Russia loses again, the Chinese national team will have no hope of entering the Olympics.
Before Li Tuchuan let go of the second game with Canada, he hoped that the Chinese national team could win all the games in addition to South Korea.
Today’s game, the players have been completely determined.
Top lane: Ronaldo
Mid lane: King Yama Jungle
: Zhou Yan
ADC: Lin Dong
Support: Yu Luosheng
United Front: Li Tuchuan The