ips, flew away from the dreamy tower, flew away from Deborah Town, flew over the Doomsday Volcano, the Plain of Desire, and the gray forest to the wilderness.

When it fell, the storm disappeared.
Just where Stan Du Plessy fell, a primitive paradise full of joy and happiness was born out of thin air.
It seems to have always existed in the wilderness, incomparably harmonious, without any difference.
There are no weird buildings in the park. It is full of primitive atmosphere. It is full of forests full of apples, raspberries, cherries, strawberries and other fruits, meadows full of flowers, gurgling streams, and crystal clear ponds. Anyone who is in it will have a thought in his mind.
Here is the “primordial paradise” given by all souls to live when the ancestors of mankind were born?
Stan Du Plessy, who was awakened by an apple smashed, opened his mouth in astonishment, with this thought in his mind.
The incomparably fresh breath seemed to make his drained body recover in a blink of an eye.
Just when he was about to get up, suddenly ahead, he watched with his own eyes a shy girl coming out in the apple forest. The girl’s body was a little plump, she seemed to be unable to speak, but her eyes were extremely clear. Innocence.
Her body was covered with a few leaves only on key parts.
She saw Stan Du Plessy lying on the ground, and immediately ran over anxiously. Along with a primitive breath that seemed to touch his soul, Stan’s expression was in a trance for an instant. When he woke up, he felt that it made him The warmth and comfort that the soul must cheer for.
He lowered his head and watched his weather-beaten body soaking in the pond. The girl who was full of primitive style and irresistible was holding him tenderly, wiping his body, and handing delicious fruit to his mouth, filling his stomach. Some kind of milk.
“I traveled for a long time and came to the original paradise where there is only happiness and no pain?”
“No, I am Stan Du Plessy. I am going through a trial. I must pass the