f a galloping holy light, passing the bright blood path.

Very far behind her, Tristan Sofia, who was blocked by the “pumpkin bomb” for quite a while, was hunting down.
If the two fight alone, under fair conditions, Stana is actually only a weaker than Justin. After all, she is a disciple of the contemporary Mother Teresa, and will not lose to the future knight king when it comes to background and resources.
But unfortunately, Tristan has the blessing of the “Angel Legion”.
Those are of course not real angels, but they are projections of heroic spirits, which can send a large amount of pure light to Tristan at all times.
The distance between the two is rapidly shortening.
But Stana couldn’t do anything more, her progress was amazing enough, she was definitely a genius-level transcendent.
But still can’t smooth the gap with the level of “Tristan”, let alone before that, Stana has gone through many pursuits and battles.
Moreover, she also carries a burden.
All Stana can do is escape.
“Hurry up, as long as you go a little faster, first enter the motherland of light, the teacher will be saved, the evil god will fall, and all the truth will be revealed”
Stena, who was focusing on fleeing, suddenly saw a huge arc in her holy light trajectory.
The cause of her sudden turn was a corpse suddenly appeared in front of the bloody road.
It floats in the air and is huge like a mountain. It is not completely boneless, but in a state of “mummy”.
It looks like an alienated owl, but its body proportions are extremely unbalanced. The terrifying head and neck occupy almost two-thirds of the body. It seems to be able to pierce everything in its long beak, holding a foreign object in its mouth. A black clay pot tied by a knot.
On the surface of the clay pot, a large number of monster larvae and screaming larvae are painted with peculiar oil paint.
Stana wanted to go around the moment he saw the corpse, but the accident happened immediately.
An extremely sharp neigh, as if coming from the past,