hind, Catalina was also jumping hard, Qin Girl and Verus were also speeding up the chase, even the blue shield appeared on the front of Catalina, it was the twilight on the road. Eye of Light-Shen Dazhao teleports to the bottom of the road!

The remnant tauren chief did not look back, and fled straight to the rear!
And the male gun itself was farther away from the wall before, only the damage of the piano girl and the damage of Velus hit him, the raid of the doomsday messenger and the death of Katerina did not cause him too much. Hurt, and he also opened a life-saving shield.
Quickly draw the gun and flash.
Xue Haiyang’s reaction speed is not too slow. Using these two displacement skills, he avoided the deadly fear skills of the doomsday messenger!
The same was the residual blood, the male spear followed behind the tauren dad in shock, and quickly escaped from the terrible battlefield!
The tauren chief, who has the essence of speed, runs very fast. The male gun also bought two-speed shoes. The two ran all the way. There were five fierce enemies behind them. At this time, they only need to be slowed down and controlled by any skill. , They are bound to die undoubtedly.
It’s a pity that Shen, the nearest to them, didn’t flash, and the distance of ridicule was not enough!
At this time, a wave of soldiers came over, blocking the pace of the group of pursuers.
Finally, Dad Bull Head and Male Gun also fled the danger zone and walked under the 2 towers.
Surprise! !
For a while, the audience was silent, and everyone held their breath for just a few seconds!
When everyone saw that the male spear and the tauren blood had survived, the entire Internet cafe instantly boiled! !
“Oh my God, it’s not dead!!!” a senior player yelled.
“Operation by God!!!”
“Liang is blind, Liang is blinding my titanium alloy dog ??eyes!!!”
“The top order Shen also used a big move to send it down. This is the rhythm of five people killing the road. And, it’s not dead!!”
For a time, Internet cafes were full of sl