al Education School, which is based in a secret realm but extends to the entire Condor Federation, and even outside the Federation, there are some extraordinary organizations with contact points. It really needs a plane. A business jet that can take off at any time.

The Castle Bureau has already had the “William”.
“Aircraft manufacturers in this world seem to have very strong styles, in order to attract those super rich and big people?” He
muttered in his mind, and then Tang Qi smiled, divided a large amount of information into several parts, and handed it to After meeting the three of Raphael, he casually said: “Please help me refer to it.”
Spending money is a good thing that everyone will not refuse, even if they become extraordinary people, they will not change much.
Especially at this time, what Tang Qi wanted to spend was a full 300,000 divine graces. This was Tang Qi’s budget and almost all of his possessions.
According to Raphael’s statement that day, it is likely that only the basic model can be purchased, and no private modification can be carried out.
But that is compared with the “Black Swan”, if you lower the requirements a little, you can still buy good things.
Sitting down, Tang Qiduan flipped through several pieces of information that Raphael had specially selected, which was in line with the budget and the characteristics of the Witch School.
The first one is the big guy on the cover. It has a strong dark style. The basic model is black. The shape is hugely different from that of ordinary airplanes. It looks like a black locust that has been magnified many times. , Every detail is showing the ferociousness and power.
Its name also confirms this.
“Black Locust, a model specially produced by the Federal Flying Insect Machinery Company, is a hybrid model. It can be modified on the basis of the original model. It has not been discontinued. It is the best-selling model of the Flying Insect Company, with a price of 280,000 Gods. En.”
Monster-like steel behemoths, as long as they a