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Chapter 811 of the main text, the Japanese national team, the top laner!
Whether it is Thailand or India, the overall strength of these two in China’s Yinchuan Division is already considered good, but it is a pity that they are really vulnerable to the Chinese team.
In the next few games, Yu Luosheng had no chance to play at all. Li Tuchuan even frantically put Shen Xueyu and Qiu Minghui on the bench, saying that they were given a chance to exercise.
Both Shen Xueyu and Qiu Minghui were very excited. After all, this was their first professional competition and it was at this level of national warfare.
The performance of the two was very restrained at first. After ten minutes of playing, their aura became stronger and stronger. They directly exploded the bottom lane combination of the two chair positions of the Indian team.
The people on the Indian team are almost crying. They collected all kinds of information before. The purpose is to learn the skills of the Chinese e-sports team, not to say that it is to beat the Chinese e-sports team, and to bully those small countries that just have e-sports. There is always no problem.
Their idea is quite correct, but what they didn’t expect was that the full lineup of their chief team would not be able to beat the substitute of the Chinese e-sports team!
Even other people’s substitutes can’t be beaten. How big is the difference in this strength, and I have the heart to buy a plane ticket back to India.
Yinchuan Station, a complete victory!
The Chinese e-sports team did not make any accidental advancement and entered the second world arena!
The first stop of the World Tour is basically assigned to the nearest ten-nation theater. After qualifying from this theater, you will enter the next theater. The highest winning rate will play against the new theater with the highest winning rate.
There are three theaters in Asia, Yinchuan, Tokyo, and Seoul.
The Yinchuan Theater Congregation is basically a group of weaker countries. For the Chine