returning to her ancestors and becoming an ancient humanoid elf. Once she crosses a certain limit, she will not be able to recover.”

“She cannot leave this house for the time being because she cannot control the power in her body. , Entering the outside world, only some of the energy overflowing from her body can make a small town enter the world of ice and snow, and the scope is still rising.”
“She can no longer eat human food, any solid or liquid food, is touched by it. Touching or entering her mouth will be frozen, and she can’t taste the taste inside.”
“Xue Yi, do you believe me?”
Tang Qi let out a breath and slowly stretched out his hands, motioning the girl to put her hands on top.
He completely revealed his sincerity and made no secret of the look he wanted to help her.
When Esmeralda faced her, she wanted to do the same.
“I will hurt you!”
Xue Yi’s tone was very sure.
But Tang Qi just shook his head and said with a smile: “Don’t worry, I am strong, even stronger than the old
housemaid who visited you before.” To make things smoother, Tang Qi praised himself a little.
The girl with the power of the ancient elves was obviously very perceptual, and she could see through Tang Qi’s pretending behavior in an instant.
But the girl didn’t expose it, she did feel the powerful power from Tang Qi, so the next moment, she hesitated, and put out her hands, her white fingertips touched Tang Qi faintly.

Ka~KaKa” Han Bing instantly spread towards Tang Qi from the point of contact.
A panic appeared in the girl’s eyes. Obviously, this was not the first time she had seen this scene. On the night when her ability exploded, many people turned into ice sculptures when she touched them, but she was unable to stop it.
Seeing that the principal ice sculpture was about to appear, he saw small golden flames erupting in Tang Qi’s palm, instantly dissolving the surging ice.
Xue Yi’s eyes widened slightly, and a touch of surprise flashed.
She has one more contact list.
The new principal