f Shang Lin Dong’s dying victim, coupled with the sweep of Yu Luosheng’s laser beam, King Yama did not stingy with any skills, and directly killed the opposite Prince Demacia in seconds.

“There are two more.” Yu Luosheng’s laser beam finally ended and hurriedly called Zhou Yan to stay.
Thresh was dead, the prince was second, the plane was half-blooded, and the fox was half-crippled. The Chinese national team’s counterattack caused the four Russians to fall apart and wailing again and again.
Looking at a messy battlefield, watching the enemies who fled, a sense of accomplishment spontaneously arises.
The most refreshing thing about the hero of Fighting the Void is this feeling. It is like a future man with advanced weapons holding a plasma super laser cannon. When the team battle begins, he stands in the distance and scorns the ridiculous melee primitive. Tribal wars, and then full firepower, laser shooting, chickens and dogs jumping, so the ridiculous primitive tribal wars are all at once. The
condescending, the dismissive, the feeling of dominating everything is difficult for other heroes to experience. Arrived!
“Leave the ADC behind, he didn’t show up.” Yu Luosheng said.
Who has Summoner skills? Yu Luosheng remembers clearly, Fischer was over impulsive at the instigation of his teammates and handed over his displacement skills.
Zhou Yan took the command, and a decisive flash followed Fischer’s plane, an invisible threatening claw, successfully slowed down to Fischer who wanted to escape.
King Yama, who was in good condition and powerful in combat, kept up with the flash and was a series of cannons. The two men and Zhou Yan forcibly killed Fischer’s plane.
Fischers was also unable to resist, and could only crippled Zhou Yan’s blood volume at the end of his life.
“In any case, I will take your life again.” Apollo turned into anger from anger, and the charm kiss and the deceitful ball in his hand were thrown towards Zhou Yan at the same time.
Zhou Yan naturally couldn’t dodge, and was hit by